On the customer’s terms: insurance claims administration

    Indwe Risk Services (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa’s largest independent brokers, offering personal, business and specialist risk and insurance advisory services. It manages the insurance claim administration of numerous large listed manufacturers, retailers and prominent conglomerates. No two Indwe clients are alike. Thus, with the collaboration of thryve, it developed Lyme, […]

June’s blogs and articles worth reading

    Every month we select our favourite reads from around the web and promote them on our social media channels, as well as a monthly blog post. In June, thryve read about POPIA’s impact on small and medium businesses, and how the cost of insurance coverage for cyber incidents is rapidly rising. We learned […]

Flowgear: why integration matters to your business

    As the saying goes, if all you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail. For traditional business technologies, the hammer was to have one monolithic system. It made sense to keep costs down and create a focal point for the organisation’s data and resources. But in practice, it’s a flawed approach, […]

How to build operational resilience

  Earlier this year, UK financial authorities published their final policy statements for operational resiliency. Though the process started in 2018, events such as the pandemic and escalating cyberattacks greatly influenced these policies. Even though organisations and financial systems have been able to get through such rough patches, it was not because they are supremely […]

The link between consumers, digital and SMBs

    Humans are fond of categorising everything, looking for a neat order to the world. Sometimes, this practice can be controversial and divisive, even leading to some rivalry. Consider the ongoing saga around generational gaps. Are you a baby boomer, a millennial or from Gen-Z (or the oft-forgotten gen x)? Does that determine if […]

May’s blogs and articles worth reading

  Every month, we share interesting articles on our LinkedIn profiles. This month, we read about the relationship between productivity and efficiency, a debate on how banks use digital to become the trusted companies during crisis, why some SMBs are doing very well adopting digital (and why some aren’t), and that if you are still […]

Interview: Insurance capacity might soon shrink – and customers need to pick up the slack

    Mitigating risk through the purchase of insurance is a tried-and-tested method used by organisations. But picture the day when organisations must compete with each other for insurance capacity. This may not be far away. Several different factors in the insurance world are causing capacity to shrink (hence price/premium inflation) and this may create […]

SMBs and Salesforce – a great fit

    How do you know your company is becoming a large business? Perhaps it’s when you hire your first Chief Operating Officer. The role typically appears when business owners need someone to manage the day-to-day needs of their company, freeing the owners to focus on new sales, product lines and markets. Running a business […]

Modernising Insurance – Why Riskonnect is crucial to your digitisation strategy

    Insurance companies need to prepare themselves: the digital wave has reached the sector’s shores. For more than a decade, incumbent underwriters, brokers and UMAs have noted the potential impact of technology but did pretty little about it. This attitude has created a gap for a fledgeling insurtech market to develop. Insurtech seems small, […]

Call to Action 1: Creating Integrating Strategy, Risk and Resilience

    This article is part one of a series unpacking the five Call To Actions in IRMSA’s 2021 Risk Report. To learn more about the five CTAs and the report, please read this blog from thryve’s Managing Director. Integrating strategy, risk and resilience is not a new concept. Forward-looking risk experts have for years noted the […]