Warning: the great insurance squeeze is coming

May 2021

In this edition:

  • Letter from our Managing Director
  • Interview: Insurance capacity might soon shrink
  • SMBs and Salesforce – a great fit
  • Dear Insurance CIO: Why Riskonnect is crucial to your digitisation strategy
  • Our monthly selection of interesting reads

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Preparing for Africa’s Salesforce boom

April 2021

It’s time to get smarter with the right technologies


  • What to expect from your Salesforce partner
  • Quantitative Risk’s time is now
  • Noteworthy blogs from across the web


Learn more in the blogs linked below, enjoy our Managing Director’s monthly column, and thank you for reading thryve’s newsletter.

What the Trump media hangover teaches businesses

March 2021

2021 is the year of action, not distraction

Welcome to thryve’s March newsletter. This month, we look at IRMSA’s 2021 Call To Actions, closing the gap between risk, compliance and ethics, operational resilience and our round up of noteworthy blogs from across the web.

  • IRMSA’s 2021 Call To Actions – It’s time to step up!
  • Close the gap between risk, compliance and ethics with ERM
  • Operational Resiliency: What is it, and why does it matter?
  • thryve’s roundup of noteworthy blogs from across the web

Is that a snowflake on your stetson?

February 2021

Welcome to thryve’s February newsletter. This month, we ponder the changing state of our world and what it means for risk. We also cover some practical ways companies can understand things better through data. In this newsletter, you’ll find:


  • Time to step up! IRMSA launches the 2021 Risk Report
  • A look back at SA’s 2020 risks
  • Three analytics myths brokers still believe
  • Anyone can reduce churn through analytics
  • Our pick of the best blogs from our partners and around the web

What will the ups and downs of 2021 be?

January 2021

Welcome to thryve’s January newsletter. This month, we ponder what 2021 will bring, including risk management, as well as trends around financial services and customer-centricity:

  • An interview with IRMSA’s Chief Risk Advisor
  • What are customer data platforms (and why should you care)?
  • The three technology trends impacting insurance and FSI companies

Looking back at 2020: a year of change, challenges, and lots of data

December 2020

This month, we look at our blogs for the year and feature our monthly third-party blog roundup, covering topics such as:

  • The risk manager’s new prominence and looming challenges
  • How to change a company into a data-first enterprise
  • Why ‘sense and respond’ risk management is the future

Analytics can change the world. It has to if we want to grow stronger

November 2020

This month, we tackle questions around data analytics:

  • Why the cloud is key to unlocking new insights from data.
  • Where to start if you want to analyse customer data.
  • What the important considerations are to form a data-first company.

It’s time to realise risk management’s new potential

October 2020

Are we living in an increasingly volatile world? Many refer to this as VUCA, or volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. It’s a famous phrase when talking about technology, but VUCA – which originated out of business sciences and military theory – has become a familiar tag to try and explain the impact of COVID-19. And we can certainly agree that we’re in a more VUCA world right now than a year ago.

Risk management is now on everyone’s radar

September 2020

I’m not a technologist, and I share some of the scepticism many people place on technology. Not all of it – after all, thryve provides business technology solutions. But like many experienced business operators, I’m sceptical about blue-sky promises of transformation. There are always better ways for a business to run, but businesses have also survived quite well without those innovations. Yes, a computer is great for a company. But was it as great an investment in the early 1980s, when personal computers became available?

From cybercrime to regulations: the power of informed risk

August 2020

My newsletter columns usually focus on a different perspective. But I want to welcome and celebrate a new addition to thryve’s services. This month we announced the inclusion of LexisNexis’ regulatory information services as part of our Riskonnect offering.

It’s time for a new risk paradigm

July 2020

In April, renowned statistician Nassim Taleb chatted to New Yorker Magazine about the pandemic and his most famous invention, the ‘black swan.’ You are probably familiar with it, but suffice to say a black swan is a catastrophic and unforeseen event that is only very obvious after the fact. World War 1 was a black swan. But the COVID-19 pandemic is not.

Evaluating leadership as reality sets in

June 2020

The word ‘unprecedented’ is often used to describe extraordinary events, but rarely applied in its most real sense. Usually what we call unprecedented had already happened before, just long enough ago to bypass our collective memories or in such a context that it seems to be a new event to us….


May 2020

Reigniting progress

It’s been interesting to see how we lament what we used to have in the business world. I’m specifically referring to meetings and conferences. These physical gatherings were sometimes welcome changes to the day and sometimes barriers to staying productive. For years, the business community has been kicking around the ball: are meetings too long? Are they productive? Can we do them in better ways?……..


April 2020

The challenge with change is that it’s rarely big and bold. If we could see change coming from far away or find our way to the crest of the wave, then change would not be so hard to understand. But change exists in the small details, not in the big headlines.This also applies to priorities. We may have big outcomes in mind, but the priorities behind those notions are often specific. Growing a business is a lofty goal that is easy to summarise…..


March 2020

It’s not easy to appreciate the maxim: “May you live in interesting times.” Not until such times arrive and we have to reevaluate how we do things. It has become a little easy to be complacent in today’s world. A globalised playing field means we know what is happening everywhere and we benefit from the scale and variety of different regions. But while we enjoy the benefits of globalism, its risks have been harder to appreciate. If anything, globalism seemed to mitigate the worst of humanity’s actions. Even wars are absorbed into the system…….


February 2020

It is tempting to refer to the start of 2020 as biblical. Firestorms, epidemics and escalating conflicts – this is already shaping up to be the year of external risks. External risks have always influenced agendas, yet they are now becoming enormously prominent and impactful. Those risks are already hurting fragile situations. A clear example of this is Japan’s recession issues. The country recorded negative growth due to a sales tax it raised late last year……..


January 2020

Please enjoy the inaugural thryve New Shoots newsletter, kicking off 2020.

2019 has been a good year for thryve. We brought four interns onboard and subsequently hired all of them as full-time staff. These four youngsters show the drive and passion that South Africa has, and they are a great addition to the thryve family. We also expanded our operations into Canada. Neer Rama, our Force Solutions Product Manager, has established an office in Toronto, supported by our local teams. Yet there were challenges as well and, for many, 2019 didn’t match their expectations…..