Preparing for Africa’s Salesforce boom

April 2021

It’s time to get smarter with the right technologies

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Letter from our MD

Ingenuity rests in the hands of people. For millennia, the ancients believed ability and progress were the wills of the gods, manifested through miracles, muses and divinely-picked leaders. Today we know better. But you have to admit: there is a certain cushioning effect to the romantic idea that our fate is not our own.

Back then, this lack of autonomy was tempered with the view that it was your obligation to realise the will of heaven. This logic made a lot of sense in a world full of genuine dangers, where entire societies could be swept away in a blink by war, pestilence and starvation. Today we are masters of the universe. We have conquered many of the forces that once spelt certain doom for our ancestors.

But we also know that manifesting destiny is not easy, especially not in a world full of complex systems and interactions. Little illustrates this better than digital transformation. On paper, the idea of creating digital companies is relatively straightforward. In practice, it’s sometimes easier to bale out the Titanic with a bucket.

This is why the news of Salesforce’s focus on Africa and South Africa is a very positive moment. Through its and its partners’ activities, the business platform anticipates creating 5,000 high-level jobs in the South African market, and a new revenue stream of $2.1 billion, by 2024.

Naturally, as Salesforce partners, we at thryve are thrilled by the announcement. But to continue my earlier point, this is a significant boost for digital transformation. Archimedes once said that with the right lever, you could move the planet. Similarly, if your Salesforce system is aligned correctly and managed to match your business, it becomes an extraordinary lever to digitise the entire organisation.

Big and small companies alike can benefit from Salesforce, but only if they have the right implementation partner. Your choice of people will realise what you expect from your technology. Thus this month, we feature a blog on selecting the right people to unlock that Salesforce magic. And digitised businesses will create more employment and reinforce the economy.

As we’ve experienced first-hand for over a decade, digital technology’s power is incredible. It creates a new age of ingenuity and progress. But we can’t wait for miracles and muses. The power to change is right in front of us, and with the right partner, we can open those doors to a better future.

Sean Pyott

MD, thryve

What to expect from your Salesforce partner

Salesforce is a powerful platform. More than a CRM system, it represents one of the largest business technology ecosystems on the planet. Yet while a basic Salesforce implementation will get you somewhere, real success depends on your choice of implementation and support partner. Companies can make fundamental mistakes in choosing a partner, costing them dearly down the line. What should you know about choosing a Salesforce partner (such as thryve)? We unpack your considerations in this article.

Quantitative Risk’s time is now

Qualitative Risk has, for practical reasons, dominates the risk management world. Its stricter cousin, quantitative risk, often took a back seat because of its rigorous data and objective statistical information requirements. Fortunately, modern integrated risk management software such as Riskonnect closes the gap and reduces those difficulties running quantitative risk analysis. We take a look at how today’s platform systems automate and extend QR’s processes.

thryve’s roundup of noteworthy blogs from across the web

Salesforce looks to Africa for growth, predicting new revenue streams of $2.1 billion. Risk management is not just for enterprises but should start before you even make your first hire. A guide on the best web articles to address your analytics questions. And, six considerations when choosing a Risk Management Information System. Find these stories in our April compilation of web blogs and articles that caught thryve’s attention this month.