Holistically understand, manage and control all areas of risk through the power of the cloud-powered Riskonnect platform. Integrate a multitude of different data silos to create a complete single source of truth of an organisation’s risk profile, without disturbing the contributing departments. thryve’s GRC experience helps our customers stay ahead of risk’s surprises..

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thryve online

Ease the management and administration of insurance events through thryve’s straightforward-yet-customisable platform aimed at corporate brokers. Built through our deep pool of experience in the insurance industry, thryve Online is a cloud-based, insurance administration system for corporate brokers.

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Modern companies have to work smart, fast and without the burden of ageing technologies. Salesforce is the pioneer of this new world. Not only is it the world’s leading CRM platform, but Salesforce is also home to numerous other business service solutions that thryve can offer, design and implement to our customers, with a focus on corporate insurance.

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thryve is a Microsoft partner offering tailored, cloud-based insurance administration and other custom developed systems. Access, flexibility and ease of deployment are all crucial ingredients to modern business services. Web, mobile and desktop applications can tick all of these boxes, creating better experiences for customers and employees alike. thryve helps our customers take a revolutionary idea, design it and create an application that delivers on those outcomes and their business objectives.

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Modern organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today. Flowgear acts as a single interface from which organizations can access all of their data, providing one platform to transform data, build real-time integrations and orchestrate data-based workflows.

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Organisations across the globe are turning to data to provide them with the insights required for understanding how to position themselves for the future. Harness the power of your data. Unleash the potential of your people. Choose the analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence.

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