Managing risk in any organisation is a daunting task, not to mention laborious and prone to gaps in knowledge. Riskonnect improves the quality of information and accelerates the speed of access to those insights. It is a revolutionary new system for integrating, collecting and reporting risk-related data from across business silos – without disturbing their operations. As it is a cloud-based platform, disruption of current business systems is minimal and customisation does not lead to lock-in or technical debt.

Expanding this capability to medium-size enterprises, Riskonnect has added Xactium to its portfolio. Xactium is a new-generation, cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) service that is ready for deployment. It brings numerous key emerging technology features to our customers, including innovative, market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technology for GRC. A turnkey solution, Xactium is perfect for organisations that want governance, risk and compliance management quickly without requiring extensive customisation or preparation.

At thryve, we help our customers increase their scrutiny and accountability for corporate governance, strategy and risk, leveraging the power of Riskonnect and Xactium to create a single truth view of their GRC environment. Our teams of developers and business developers leverage their considerable experience in the integrated risk management space, creating solutions that enhance our customers’ ability to anticipate, plan and execute around risk factors affecting them.

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Riskonnect Solutions

Integrated Risk Management

In an interconnected world, it is folly to still treat risk as a siloed function. It ought to encompass the entire organisation and provide insight at regular-enough intervals to help inform strategy. In the past, this was just a pipedream. But today integrated risk management is not only possible, but it’s also a definitive competitive edge.

Using its considerable experience and partnerships in the GRC space, thryve can unify all areas of risk effectively and efficiently, reducing costs and enabling insights. Our platform solution provides risk-assessment that can be automated and unified, providing critical insight into all the strategic and operational risks across the enterprise. Customised to your risk requirements and business drivers, our Integrated Risk Management solution can visualise complex data to show what is being done to manage these risks and build alignment with the risk tolerance of the organisation.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk and strategy go hand in hand, which is why a poor view of enterprise risk creates barriers for the organisation’s ambitions. But this is very difficult to address in the sprawling estate of enterprises, where silos, business units and many other individual components tug and twist against the mothership.

We leverage our GRC experience at thryve to bring together all the significant risks of an organization, in a way that enables the organization to most effectively manage them. Your organisation’s key objectives are supported through our processes of risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring. Reduce volatility and surprises with a clear view of what your enterprise’s rick landscape looks like, without disrupting contributors and their related processes. thryve’s Enterprise Risk Management solution is a technology marvel that creates a single view of organisational risk with granular detail, without rocking the boat.

Risk Management Information System

Risk is one of the most crucial functions in a business, yet managing it is also among the most demanding. When the business needs a view of its opportunities, it looks towards risk managers to help paint that picture. In order to help organisations lower their total cost of risk, risk managers need to be able to immediately cross-examine their risk and insurance data. Traditionally this is a costly and slow process that can struggle to deliver results at the pace the business is evolving. But that can be turned around entirely with the right solution.

thryve’s Risk Management Information System is such a solution. It empowers risk decision-makers with leading-edge technology, accelerating the consolidation of data across the organisation’s silos and automating processes to speed up delivery. From here managers can access more advanced features, such as personalised reporting and predictive analytics. Reduce losses, test mitigation strategies, improve costs and feed risk data to the business at the pace it desires.

Environment, Health and Safety Management

Every organisation is caught between two forces: those that deliver direct revenue value and the operational necessities to maintain those pipelines. The latter are often ‘grudge’ functions: necessary evils to some but nonetheless crucial for successful and compliant operations. For many, managing Environmental, Health and Safety risks would qualify as they are notoriously specialised and yet very important.

thryve’s Environment, Health and Safety Management solution combines the worlds of risk managers and safety professionals into one seamless and engaging platform. It serves as a single home for aggregating related data and serving insights to all the stakeholders. Our solution also lets these functions expand into other areas, such as tapping business intelligence features to further align with company strategy. Take the grudge out of Environment, Health and Safety through improved processes, automation and cross-collaboration, provided by our best-of-breed solution.

Audit and Assessment Management

Audits and Assessments are common across an organisation, but that is often where similarities end. The scope, methods and outcomes of different audit requirements vary tremendously, which can instil doubt where there a uniform approach to it is even possible. But organisations like uniformity because it reduces complexity and costs. Is it possible to have those and still not limit the abilities of your audit and assessment requirements?

At thryve, we developed our Audit and Assessment Management solution specifically to answer this call. It’s a unified platform that presents common audit and assessment components to all. These include the ability to identify an audit subject, develop an audit plan, documentation of the audit, agreement on any audit finding, oversight of finding remediation, and reporting to an Audit Committee. But it also includes the flexibility to align these components with any specific auditing and assessment needs. Our solution lets your audit and assessment functions speak with their own voice yet still toe the line of the organisation.

Risk Standards Compliance Management

Technicality is the hallmark of the compliance world, where many different standards and regulatory requirements can heavily impact budgets and time horizons. Getting compliance right is often a major cost centre, especially when establishing and promoting risk standards across various departments, business units and other silos. The more a business can streamline its risk standards to adhere to compliance requirements, the smoother its journey will be.

We use our deep experience at thryve around risk and compliance to power our Risk Standards Compliance Management solution. Quick to deploy, it serves as the nexus to predict and manage risks while adhering to laws, regulations as well as company policies and procedures. From development to documentation and implementation, create a one-stop-shop for your company’s risk standards that reduces costs, removes risk and builds certainty.

Compliance And Regulatory Management

Compliance and Regulations are both major drivers for organisations. They can also pose major risks if not managed properly. Yet because they are not part of core business and revenue drivers, these often become rubberstamp exercises – at the risk of the company.

thryve’s Compliance and Regulatory Management Solution helps take back control with a coordinated approach that extends across the entire organisation. Capable of focusing on any number governances, company policies, controls and sources of risk, our solution connects the silos of risk management. Capable to scale and focus as demanded, we help ensure that you not only stay on top of compliance and regulation, but turn these from grudge elements to success drivers for your company.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chains have risen in importance, especially as governance considerations have extended the scope of companies to include the activities of their peripheral partners. There are also more directly impactful reasons to manage your supply chain more closely, such as avoiding overstock or hunting for efficiencies that can lead to lower costs and faster throughput.

thryve’s Supply Chain Risk Management solution exists for these exact reasons. Manage both everyday and exceptional risks along the supply chain, based on continuous risk assessment in order to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity. From products and services to the facilities that suppliers use, include everything to create a single truth about supply chain activities and risks. Our solution customises and scales with ease to help cover this very demanding yet crucial aspect of business management.

Business Continuity Management

It really doesn’t matter how big or strong your business is: a single disaster could take it down. As can a number of small disasters: from natural events to fires and infrastructure failure to key staff leaving your business – there are numerous ways your business’ continuity can be affected.

Past approaches to business continuity and disaster management have been limited, leaving the rest up to luck. But thryve’s Business Continuity Management solution can take away the ambiguity and uncertainty by providing a top-down view of related risks and mitigation strategies. By bridging silos it can reveal hidden risks and opportunities that impact your company’s resiliency. Our solution facilitates the creation of an ongoing BCM strategy that can evolve as your organisation does.

Healthcare Risk Management

Healthcare risk management is a highly specialised field, filled with additional regulations and other concerns. It is also a crucial touchpoint for many customers as well as a high-cost environment where margins can quickly thin out and evaporate. These are characteristics that can’t be solved by just any solution.

thryve’s Healthcare Risk Management solution brings the sector’s unique demands together with best risk practices to offer a capable, flexible, intuitive and robust healthcare risk management reporting technology. Safe, secure and compliant, its scalable nature connects effortlessly with healthcare environments, reducing their complexities to most effectively deliver better risk mitigation and projection.

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk is the new kid on the block and to many, it instils a level of fear and uncertainty they are not used to. Computer systems reach so deeply into modern organisations that they can be indistinguishable from the business functions they support. If something goes wrong at the cyber level, it can cascade in devastating fashion – comparable to natural disasters. From reputation damage to losses that can kill an enterprise, cyber is a dangerous risk if it can’t be managed and mitigated.

We designed our Cyber Risk Management by combining thryve’s respective insights in the GRC and technology markets. Manage all areas of cyber risk with this comprehensive cyber risk management tool that considers the dynamic digital framework, from data breach risks to reputational damage results. Everything from company policy, standards, frameworks and controls with assurance through self-assessment and gap analysis are incorporated into a single solution that makes cyber risk management intuitive even for people with less inclination to know their bits from their bytes.