Get the job done without the hefty technology investments that were required in the past. Salesforce has been defining the business platform era since the start of this millennium and continues to dominate as one of the biggest, most-used and trusted business platforms on the planet. It is rated as the number one CRM platform globally, but this merely scratches the surface of a vast ecosystem of first- and third-party services that can be customised to cater to every need in organisations.

As a Salesforce partner, thryve is geared towards developing and customising solutions for our customers, leveraging the vast Salesforce platform as our foundation with a specific but not exclusive focus on insurance services. From customer-facing services and operational views of projects to Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence, thryve combined with Salesforce opens the doors to robust and evolving solutions that carry our customers to new heights.

Salesforce Solutions

Financial Services Cloud

Supercharge advisor productivity to focus on client needs with Financial Services Cloud.

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Marketing Management

Understanding and responding to the market is crucial if your business will continue to grow. Marketing management is absolutely crucial for every business which is why thryve has developed its Marketing Management solution, a scalable and easy-to-deploy suite that puts your marketing teams in charge of their efforts.

Make more informed decisions with strategic marketing management tools to increase leads, boost sales and enhance productivity. Develop and deploy strategic marketing management processes, gather marketing data, tweak marketing performance and accomplish much more. By tracking and analysing customer activities, your people can build effective strategic marketing plans in no time, supported by digital tools that do the heavy lifting so your staff can focus on creative plans that increase leads, boost sales and transform your business.

Sales Operations Management

Automate complex business processes with drag-and-drop simplicity. thryve’s Sales Operation Management solution provides this through professional sales operations management software as a service. Customize and automate sales processes by making data-driven decisions every step of the way.

Take full control of sales and related processes with this intuitive solution. Designed to get results as quickly as possible, this has been designed for business users to engage with easily. Arrange and design processes with drag-and-drop ease, charting the workflows that guide sales agents. Automating complex business processes or even routine manual tasks such as orders or proposals. Create more time for your sales teams, delivered from a software service that thryve continually maintain and improves with no risk to its customers.

Lead Generation Nurturing and Administration

Automate and streamline led generation functions with this innovative solution. Business is all about relationships, which need attention in order to grow and stay strong. Nurturing relationships with potential clients can offer many potential leads, but they require special care and focus to deliver.

thryve’s Lead Generation, Nurturing and Administration solution caters specifically for this. It helps develop and maintain relationships with customers at every stage of their journey. This includes marketing and communications messaging, as well as alert triggers pertaining to customer behaviour or predetermined schedules. Offered as a software service, this solution unleashes lead generation and management capabilities that can be automated and pursued with confidence.

Customer Service Management

Manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. thryve’s Customer Service Management solution improves business relationships with customers, assists in customer retention, and drives sales growth.

The company-client relationship is the most important factor in determining business success. A happy customer is not only content but prone to share their experiences with colleagues and peers. Strengthening customer relationships is fundamental to this pattern emerging, which is why every business should have a solution that offers effective analysis, communication, automation and alerts to manage customer satisfaction, deliver on their service expectations and create a sense of approval. thryve’s software service provides all of this through a low-risk platform deployment that can be customised to suit our customers’ bespoke requirements.

Insurance Focused Customer Relationship Management

Insurance is all about relationships and insurance companies rise and fall on their ability to manage those. Yet most customer relationship management (CRM) systems do not take these nuances into consideration. thryve offers a specialised CRM suite for insurance professionals to manage the complex demands of personalised service.

Manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns. Provide post-sale service and more with this suite of tailored tools that will appeal to anyone from global underwriters to one-person brokerages. Access all the sales and customer service tools needed to acquire and maintain an intimate knowledge of customers and their history.

Salesforce Application Development

Salesforce is undeniably one of the most powerful business platforms shaping the destinies of today’s organisations. As an approved Salesforce developer and implementation partner, thryve is experienced in building applications for this remarkable platform.

Extends your CRM’s reach and functionality with a custom-developed application that fulfils a variety of business objectives. Automate processes, help customers find important information, engage employees, extend your sales and service capabilities – the power of applications is ready to serve your requirements. By leveraging the Salesforce platform environment, such applications are simple to deploy and very comfortable with change. It ensures that the underlying technologies will never get old or create lock-in. An application developed for Salesforce will continue to deliver value as long as your company needs it. thryve’s Salesforce Application Development services can put this powerful platform to work for you.

Salesforce Mobile Application Development

Salesforce is synonymous with the rise of mobile-centric business environments, enabling your employees and customers to access relevant business functions from their mobile devices. thryve’s status as an approved Salesforce developer includes the capability to deliver fully custom mobile apps with any language or framework on the Salesforce platform.

Mobile apps can transform every part of your business. They can render employees more productive, keep customers close to you and boost the success of your partners more successful. Yet there are many considerations and hidden risks when embarking on mobile development, which is why a number of business app projects fail to deliver on expectations. But the Salesforce platform takes care of many of these pitfalls, while thryve’s experienced team of developers and business analysts deliver on the rest. Harness the incredible potential of mobile apps for your organisation with thryve’s Salesforce Mobile Application Development solution.

Salesforce Integration Development

A defining pedigree of leading modern business platforms is their capability to integrate disparate data sources. Salesforce is an undisputed leader in this regard: it can bring together disparate systems — data that lives in external ERP, Supply Chain, HR, or on-premises software like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft — to build a unified view of your customer.

As a Salesforce developer, thryve offers the skills, business experience, toolsets and such to dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems. Aggregate and analyse not only internal data, but start drawing from third-party sources including your supply chain, valued partners and public sources such as pricing data or social media sentiment. With Salesforce at the centre and through thryve’s integration prowess, no data is too big or esoteric to be used to your company’s benefit.

Salesforce Enhancement

Salesforce is one of the greatest business inventions of the 21st century. A hugely powerful and flexible platform, it caters services, reliability and stability perfectly aligned to the opportunities today’s digital world offers all organisations. But you already know that. What you want to know is whether Salesforce can power your new idea.

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, thryve can enhance your Salesforce system with any unique requirements your business may have. Our Salesforce Enhancement solution isn’t limited to development: we also bring our business insights, gathered from our customers and our own experiences, to the table. This ensures that we connect the dots between your vision and Salesforce’s capabilities.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act quickly on a complete, AI-powered analytics platform. Analytics have evolved. It started with Traditional BI which was system-centric, it moved to Visualisation which is very analyst-centric, but with Einstein Analytics it’s been transformed into Intelligent Experience which is business user-centric, providing an intelligent experience for every business process.

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