thryve is a Microsoft partner offering tailored, cloud-based insurance administration and other custom developed systems. Access, flexibility and ease of deployment are all crucial ingredients to modern business services. Web, mobile and desktop applications can tick all of these boxes, creating better experiences for customers and employees alike. thryve helps our customers take a revolutionary idea, design it and create an application that delivers on those outcomes and their business objectives.

Microsoft Solutions

Desktop Solution Development

Every day, people interact with desktop systems to get their job done, often at a critical touchpoint such as with a customer. This offers considerable scope and opportunity for desktop applications that align with specific processes and operations within an organisation. Such an application, even a relatively simple one, can be a major boon for productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

thryve treats all digital channels as equal and equally important to business success. This is why we place as much talent, focus and effort into desktop development as with our other development pillars. Specialising in Windows environments, our teams of business and development experts can help meet critical business challenges and opportunities with our guidance and our customers’ ambitions.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones are the coalface of modern customer and employee interactions. The joke “there’s an app for that” holds a lot of truth for organisations that wish to digitise their processes and create channels through which their customers and employees interact. Mobile applications are the keystone to this arrangement and thus the development of custom mobile applications is critical for success.

At thryve we have been creating digital interfaces across the mobile spectrum, not only for popular operating systems such as Android and iOS, but also major platforms including Salesforce. thryve’s experience in servicing corporate giants, particularly but not restricted to the insurance and GRC spaces, provides us with a wealth of insight and experience to help our customers conceive, develop and deploy mobile applications that enhance their operations.

Web Application Development

The web and specifically its portal, the web browser, have changed how the world interacts with technology. So-called web applications are very powerful, yet also incredibly flexible and easy to access from almost any device with a modern browser. This allows the touchpoints of business objectives to extend much further and broader than any previous business services.

thryve’s services and solutions are developed using the latest best-of-breed web application practices. From our own services to bespoke solutions made for customers, we leverage our deep pool of web application development to exceed expectations. With a particular focus on corporate customers, insurance activities and GRC demands, thryve is the partner of choice for many large enterprises and compact operators to bring their web application visions into reality.

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