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Salesforce looks to Africa for growth. Risk management starts before you even make your first hire. Analytics is complicated, but you can get it to work for you. And six considerations when choosing a Risk Management Information System.

We cover these topics in our monthly selection of blogs from thryve partners – including Salesforce, Riskonnect and Tableau – and other interesting articles, all compiled here for your reading pleasure.

5,000 local jobs from Salesforce

The South African jobs market could use some good news. Salesforce planning to create 5,000 jobs in the country through its partners’ activities is a welcome announcement. Basing its trajectory on an IDC report, Salesforce aims to realise $2.1 billion extra revenue from the market by 2024. This blog explains the findings and provides a link to the free report.

Risk management begins before even your first hire

Conventional wisdom says that risk management is for larger companies – certainly not startups or any smaller enterprise. But this article in Entrepreneur Magazine, penned by InList.com’s CEO and founder, Gideon Kimbrell, argues that risk management should be one of your earliest implementations. Click through to read his view. At thryve, we’re inclined to agree – there is no such thing as starting risk management too early, especially with the modern technologies available to you.

Analytics: What would you like to know?

Data analytics is frequently one of the most sought-after advantages that businesses want. But analytics is also still notorious for not meeting the value it promises, leaving many with broken (and expensive) dreams. CIO Magazine’s editor in chief noted this disparity and compiled a collection of articles from around the web that unpack different elements around why analytics fail and how you can succeed with this technology. From how to engage with self-service analytics such as Tableau to ensuring your data is not poisoning the well, this collection helps get you on the right analytics track.

Making sense of the RMIS market

According to the new 2021 RMIS Report, published by Redhand Advisors, the RMIS or Risk Management Information System market has grown faster in the past five years than ever before in its history. And the reason, according to the Riskonnect blog, is clear: “Add up all these factors and it comes down to ONE thing – organisations not only want but need a new, more comprehensive way of looking at risk.” But how do you pick the best out of a field of 32 companies mentioned in the report? This blog looks at six considerations when making that choice.