On the customer’s terms: insurance claims administration

    Indwe Risk Services (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa’s largest independent brokers, offering personal, business and specialist risk and insurance advisory services. It manages the insurance claim administration of numerous large listed manufacturers, retailers and prominent conglomerates. No two Indwe clients are alike. Thus, with the collaboration of thryve, it developed Lyme, […]

Claims management across a Conglomerate: thryve Customer Story

claims management conglomerate

  Conglomerates are power business vehicles, delivering change and diversity that can materially improve the economies of entire nations, regions and even continents. One such conglomerate, an African giant, has been particularly successful across more than 15 sectors, with ambitions to expand those as well as into new ventures.  But to do so, it needed […]

Thryve Customer Story: Taking internal corporate insurance to the next level

Corporations run internal insurance operations that look after their first-party insurance. These policies help mitigate risks inherent to the business and are different from customer-facing insurance services. A major South African financial corporation does exactly this. It gathers the risk exposure information from the group annually, maintaining records of corporate insurance policies and claims within […]

thryve Customer Story: Bringing members into the centre of a professional body

  Professionals appreciate the value of joining a group offering networking and development opportunities. It’s not a decision made lightly. Non-profit professional associations know that they have to appeal to the sensibilities of their current members, as well as sponsors and prospects for either group. One South African membership-based professional body, a thryve client, creates […]

Reducing administration and improving process awareness at RTT

  thryve Customer Story RTT is one of South Africa’s top logistics companies, moving thousands of deliveries every day to satisfied customers both inside SA and beyond her borders. Part of these operations includes insuring cargo as well as processing claims related to such insurance.    The challenge: Due to its international footprint as well […]

COVER Magazine interviews thryve at African Insurance Exchange 2019

Cover interviews Riaan Bekker at AIE 2019

  COVER Magazine interviewed selected delegates from the African Insurance Exchange 2019 held in Sun City – watch what Riaan Bekker, thryve’s Force Solutions Manager, says about the African Insurance Exchange 2019 and what thryve will be talking to insurance professionals about.