Start swimming with the insurance challengers

  Insurance is changing, whether practitioners accept this or not. It is simply the reality of an industry where many new participants are arriving, rising fast and bringing a big wake of change along with them. Those companies that cannot swim with this tide will, as Bob Dylan famously sang, sink like a stone. The […]

Podcast: Platform’s Place In Modern Business

Riaan Bekker thryve

  Tony van Niekerk of COVER talks tech with Riaan Bekker, Force Solutions Manager at Thryve, more specifically Platforms. In a recent article in COVER magazine, Riaan mentioned that platforms are perfect for the Insurance industry. To start the ball rolling Tony asked Riaan if he could encapsulate the term platforms.

Don’t shoehorn Insurance into generic CRMs

By Riaan Bekker, Force Solutions Manager at thryve   Insurance is an investment business, wrapped as a grudge purchase. Let’s be honest: if bad things didn’t happen, people wouldn’t need insurance. So it makes sense that a successful insurance business should treat their customers as investors who expect to see value when they need it […]

AI steps up for insurance in 2019

If you catch a flight a decade from now, chances are very good that your trip will be flown by artificial intelligence. Even if there is a pilot, they’ll be aided by an AI assistant that monitors everything and reports problems if they occur, sometimes responding automatically.