Associated Marine signs up for thryve’s online marine certificate system

Associated Marine, which is the marine underwriting arm of Santam, has become one of thryve’s newest clients for its marine certificate-issuing system.

Associated Marine’s challenge

Associated Marine was experiencing a challenge in terms of providing marine certificates of insurance using the customary pre-printed system. “What traditionally happens in marine insurance,” says Albie Janse van Rensburg, Web Applications manager at thryve, “is that brokers would be issued with a stack of blank certificates by the underwriter, each with a unique number on it. The broker would then print onto those certificate forms their clients’ shipment details and policy information to function as proof of insurance. This manual process is costly and time consuming, can lead to delays in processing of shipping documentation for clients, and can introduce risks to the insurer and broker when coverage stated on the certificate is not per the underlying policy.”

thryve makes the issuing of marine certificates easier

The thryve electronic marine certificate-generating system lets brokers and policy holders of Associated Marine log into the Associated Marine E-cert website, capture a marine certificate, have it approved by the underwriter, and then print it directly from any commonly used web browser.

The approval process introduces the required controls to ensure data is accurate and that the cover, as indicated on the certificate, is per that which is provided by Associated Marine to the policy holder.

Why Associated Marine chose thryve

When asked why Associated Marine chose to go with thryve’s marine certificate-issuing system, Roland Cundill: National underwriting manager at Associated Marine, responded with: “Our previous system was antiquated and cumbersome. thryve’s marine certificate-issuing system took the headache out of this essential process for our business and our clients. It has streamlined the issuing of certificates and has made it hassle free for us.”

“We, at thryve, are proud to say that we are one of the preferred service providers to the largest marine underwriter in South Africa,” says Janse van Rensburg. “We are looking forward to further developing our business relationship with Associated Marine .”