Thryve and Analytix partner to turn risk fears into business currency

Forget about leave and public holidays hampering productivity – there is real change that can happen right now at the coalface. Only a mere 13 percent of employees are engaged at work, according to a global Gallup survey of businesses in over 90 countries. The workplace is stagnant, often because employees lack presence or are unable to effectively execute their roles.

But those results are no surprise to thryve. Despite the huge business advantages it provides through Riskonnect, a software platform that turns risk into action, other problems often rock the boat. These include the issues of employee buy-in, company culture and how well the business takes ownership of its newfound advantages.

To meet the challenge and provide the most impact for its clients, thryve has partnered with leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance consultancy and training provider, Analytix, to ensure 360-degree adoption of Riskonnect.

“Companies buy into a sophisticated and game-changing digital platform, but then fall short in terms of training and cultural shifts,” said Riaan Bekker, Force Solutions Manager at thryve. “They then grow frustrated with the technology and fall back on old habits. It’s a huge waste and easy to avoid with the right approach, so we have joined forces with Analytix to make sure Riskonnect’s promise becomes a reality for everyone.”

Riskonnect is a revolutionary system built on the Salesforce cloud platform. Consumed as and when companies need, it is lightning fast to implement and become operational. It can also start small and easily scale as the business demands change. In turn the business is now able to track risk in real time, to generate ad-hoc reports, and to utilise risk as a strategic element from the board all the way to the mail room.

Yet that doesn’t matter if employees don’t use it or if the company culture does not grasp these advantages. Hence the need for change management and training. But too often companies rely on templated training that does not consider their unique capabilities. They treat change-management as a box-ticking inevitability instead of implementing the nuance their organisation needs.

“Risk is a powerful tool for companies, but only once they make the right changes to accommodate it,” said Johan Botha, founder and Managing Director of Analytix. “There are considerations around employee understanding and business processes, as well as governance and compliance issues. Companies must move from monitoring risk to modernising risk. They should create risk spectrums and determine risk tolerances at different levels of the organisation. Riskonnect offers all the tools to get that done and tap risk as a business advantage. But that will not happen without the most important element, the people, being part of the deal. That’s what excites us at Analytix and why this partnership is a clear winner.”

Once processes and people are aligned, competitive advantages surface to shake the market. Riskonnect offers low-cost, high-return and always-in-control tools that elevate risk into currency that can be used across the enterprise, from 20,000 feet to the most granular of views. Analytix forges the culture and engagement that creates that fire under the boiler. Together they will transform your business.