thryve’s pick of 2019’s best Salesforce blogs

As a proud Salesforce partner, implementer and developer, thryve keeps a close eye on the business services giant. That includes the many great blogs that Salesforce produces every year.

There are too many to browse through, so we picked some of our favourite blogs from 2019. In no particular order, here are ten Salesforce blogs from 2019 that are worth the read…

6 Essential Productivity Hacks for Every Small Business Owner

Kickstart the year with a few good habits to get your business running more smoothly. Some of these ideas are obvious, such as reducing the time you take to engage with emails. But there is something for everyone to learn from the six tips provided in this blog.

The Single Best Employee Benefit Your Small Business Can Offer

Something employees value more than anything else are opportunities for education and training. What are some of the ways you can bring professional development and study support closer to your employees? This blog explores some of the options.

How to Protect Your Small Business From a Cyberattack

Online crime proceeds have eclipsed those of the illicit drug and arms trades. Cybercrime is a serious business that preys on soft targets – and there are few targets as soft yet lucrative as businesses. Don’t believe you won’t be targeted. But don’t give up, either – this partner blog explores the ways to keep an organisation safe in the digital world.

An Important Thing to Know About Chatbots

Chatbots are all the rage, but their experiences have been decidedly mixed. They might be the most useful customer service tool your organisation can have, or chatbots can be a terrible waste of resources. How do you achieve the former and avoid the latter? Delve into this blog to learn more about chatbots

What Is Predictive Analytics?

The phrase ‘predictive analytics’ has been around for several years. Yet, the concept remains vague and intimidating for most business owners. Combining data and artificial intelligence seems too expensive and complicated. This useful blog demystifies the concept and shows how you can align predictive analytics to your company.

3 Reasons Why Customer 360 Is a Game-Changer for Small Businesses

The better a business knows its customers and responds to them in a timely and personal fashion, the more likely it is to create loyal converts to its brand and services. Such capabilities were once costly and complicated, but today every business can have a 360 customer approach. Take a closer look at the concept in this blog.

How to Start Driving Growth With Data and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an exciting concept, but is it something your business can use? Definitely, yet it’s an intimidating topic, so many of us avoid it. This blog breaks down what AI is and how you can look for its place in your organisation.

Power Move: 5 Tips to Create a Diverse Workforce for Your Small Business

Diversity is essential, particularly in vibrant and evolving societies. It helps stimulate new ideas and expands how you can engage with your markets. But it’s not easy to do, particularly in cash- and time-constrained small businesses. Taking tips from a panel discussion at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s signature convention, this blog explores what you can do to encourage productive diversity.

What Is a CMS?

If new marketing efforts hope to build a relationship with customers, they must manage content for a savvy world and align those efforts with the broader company strategy. Yet most such efforts fall short because they aren’t managing their content. This blog looks at why that’s important and what role a Content Management System plays.

SMS Dreamin’: How Mobile Messaging Powers Great Customer Service Experiences

Many consumers are very mobile-centric, and they still use SMS daily. We might be dazzled by the latest in instant messengers and TikTok videos. Still, the humble SMS is a powerful, low-key way to reach customers. Learn more on how to leverage SMS communications through Salesforce in this blog.