thryve selects Microsoft Azure for the thryve cloud corporate brokerage services


thryve’s family of cloud-based medium and large enterprise risk, finance and customer management services migrate to Microsoft’s market-leading hyperscalar presence.

thryve, a leading provider of cloud-based risk, customer and financial-managed solutions, has successfully completed its migration to Microsoft’s Azure hyperscale cloud datacentres.

thryve is a pioneer of cloud-powered platforms that help our customers accelerate their business modernisation, improve and automate processes, and provide new tools to their teams. By leveraging the cloud’s OPEX models, easy scalability and extensive integration possibilities, our clients have experienced significant gains and value through our various solution offerings.

These solutions incorporate the Salesforce platform including Einstein Analytics and Financial Services Cloud, GRC leader Riskonnect and its ERM sister platform Xactium, the visualisation platform Tableau, integration leader Flowgear, as well as our bespoke thryve cloud of services. thryve cloud offers nuanced corporate brokerage products to our large and medium corporate customers. Previously operating on thryve’s server infrastructure, we have migrated thryve cloud to Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of the powerful yet accessible hyperscalar trusted by countless companies across the world.

“We advise our customers that the cloud offers tremendous value, scale and choice, without holding onto the risk of managing all of your own infrastructure,” said Sean Pyott, MD of thryve. “We could demonstrate this principle first-hand with Salesforce, Riskonnect and Xactium, and when the Azure datacentres landed in South Africa we started planning to migrate our home-built cloud services. This process has now been successfully completed and our customers will start seeing even more features as we begin to use the many technologies that Microsoft Azure offers.”

Migrating to Microsoft Azure is the latest milestone demonstrating thryve’s commitment to modern, resilient, cost-effective and – above all – business-transformative technology services that help improve the most crucial operations among our clients. Earlier in 2020, thryve attained the ISO 27001:2013 standard. This certification reflects our status as a top-level service provider that takes the necessary care to ensure information assets under our supervision are safe and secure. Adopting Azure as thryve’s operational cloud platform reinforces our commitment to security and data sanctity.

“Azure offers many new features and advantages that we can incorporate into our solutions stack,” said Craig Gibson, thryve’s CISO. “Microsoft is setting the standard for business-calibre cloud, suited for organisations of every size. Using this advantage, we are developing even more features around performance, security and additional value for thryve’s customers.”

thryve continues to provide that level of value and professionalism to our clients. Now powered by Microsoft Azure, thryve cloud continues to offer the best for corporate insurance management and brokerage services.

Contact us today and discover how the combination of the cloud and thryve can accelerate your risk, customers and finances.