thryve is certified as ISO 27001 compliant

This blog marks a huge announcement for me. Three years ago, in 2017, we decided to pursue ISO 27001 approval for thryve. If you are not familiar with the standard, it presents a globally-recognised framework for data management security and integrity. You’ll find this standard’s emblem on the websites and correspondence of some of the world’s biggest companies – it is a badge of data security and management excellence across the landscape of blue-chip enterprises.

thryve is not a massive blue-chip enterprise with thousands of employees, and it is somewhat rare that a company of our size would aim for ISO 27001:2013 clearance. But size is a relative thing in today’s digitally-powered world, a principle we demonstrate time and again at thryve as we deliver game-changing business technology solutions to our large and medium enterprise customers.

We support and implement a range of top business services, including from Salesforce, Riskonnect and Microsoft, as well as thryve’s bespoke offerings. With a firm grounding in risk management, customer relations, analytics, financial services, insurtech and a myriad of other data-driven technology offerings, thryve handles and manages a considerable amount of customer data. We’ve never given our customers a reason to doubt that we handle their information with the utmost care and diligence.

But it doesn’t hurt to have that capacity officially reinforced and recognised, which is why we took on the long process of aligning our operations with ISO 27001 and passing the necessary evaluations. I want to thank Craig Gibson, our CISO, and his team for spending the long hours to get this done.

There isn’t much more to be said. I know many of thryve’s current customers will understand and appreciate the significance of this certification. They never demanded it, yet this accomplishment underscores what they have already experienced: thryve takes data security and integrity very seriously. Now we have the ISO 27001 certification to prove our resolve and principles.

We live in a data-first world. The value of data is growing every day, from creating insights through analytics to automating processes, improving customer and stakeholder satisfaction, and sharpening your competitive edge. Such data is among the most valuable assets our customers own, so we take every care to treat it as if it’s our own. And, with ISO 27001 behind its name, you know for a fact that thryve will continue to do so and help our customers build their futures.