thryve and Flowgear’s webinar unlock integration’s potential


thryve and Flowgear have partnered to offer the next level of system integration capabilities for our customers. View the webinar recording below to see how we achieve this.

Knowledge and insight are two of the most valuable resources an organisation has at its disposal. This is why the digital age, often called the fourth industrial revolution, is so significant. Forget all the other descriptions: the revolution is primary about an abundance of data and how we can transform that stockpile into actionable insight, automated processes and customer satisfaction.

These scenarios can be achieved by integrating different business systems – one of the services that thryve provides to improve the performance of its customers. By using digital platform technologies, thryve aggregates information from various sources into one version of the truth. We also enable multiple systems to work collaboratively, automating processes and creating a cohesive customer experience while generating more capacity for employees.

thryve is always looking for better ways to deliver an impact on its customers. This is why we have partnered with Flowgear, an innovative South African-built Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). Flowgear takes the heavy lifting out of connecting different services in an intuitive way that works for both people with no coding knowledge as well as experienced developers.

thryve and Flowgear recently hosted a webinar to explain our partnership, as well as demonstrate what Flowgear does. In the video, we host Flowgear’s Managing Director, Daniel Chilcott, as he walks us through a typical integration example. In this case, we are connecting a custom insurance policy mobile app, powered by Salesforce, with Riskonnect, the popular risk-management platform.

00:00 – thryve introduction
05:56 – Flowgear introduction
23:43 – thryve/Flowgear mobile insurance app demo

Flowgear’s drag-and-drop ease helps it fit with both seasoned coders and business planners with no coding experience. Through over 200 (and growing) connectors for both popular business services, including Sage and SAP, and specific data components such as SQL databases, the Flowgear platform can seamlessly connect a wide variety of business environments.

thryve’s teams are fully certified to provide solutions using Flowgear. We can weigh any scenario where you wish to connect different data sources and services within your organisation, as well as your value chain. If you are unsure of Flowgear’s potential inside your business environment, we can show how this scalable platform can quickly deliver results for anything from small projects to major integration ambitions.

Improve the capacity and delivery of your employees, and build new customer engagement channels, through the power of integration with Flowgear and thryve.