thryve adds LexisNexis’ African compliance content to our Riskonnect solutions


Clients of thryve’s Riskonnect solutions can now enjoy access to LexisNexis’ African compliance and policy content.

thryve is proud to announce the addition of LexisNexis compliance and policy content, integrated into our Riskonnect solution.

For over a decade, thryve has been providing the best GRC management tools to large and medium enterprises, including companies with multiple business units and intricate corporate structures. We help our clients make sense of their complex governance, risk and compliance (GRC) situations, leveraging modern platform applications such as Riskonnect to provide exactly what they need and when they need it.

We’ve now added an additional dimension to these features: compliance content from LexisNexis, the leading provider of legal and compliance research. Integrated into our Riskonnect offerings, our customers can access relevant regulations and policies in legalese or plain language. This content includes questionnaires and frameworks to meet different laws and standards, such as ISO, and the means to collect and collate those answers efficiently. These additions cater to both international requirements as well as specific laws in different African countries.

“Regulations and policy are very complex, with many overlaps and knock-on effects that you should be aware of,” said Sean Pyott, MD of thryve. “It takes considerable time and legal hours to understand those complexities, which is often why compliance remains a big headache for organisations. The larger and more complex they are, the bigger the headache. But LexisNexis enables our customers to intuitively explore regulations, policies and standards, and how they relate to their operations. We’ve integrated LexisNexis content with the many reporting and automation features of Riskonnect, giving our customers more ways to understand, leverage and monitor regulations and compliance, both for local and international requirements.”

Leveraging LexisNexis’ content, thryve’s Riskonnect solutions can now provide immediate and relevant access to legislation, legislation guidance, penalties and Q&A checklists. These are available for both international and local requirements, allowing companies of any size to have GRC controls in place. Our solution includes:

  • Create a single point of GRC control, but with enough nuance to engage with all stakeholders on their terms
  • Clear access to relevant regulatory, policy and standards information, including frameworks and questionnaires
  • Use templates or build your own questionnaires using LexisNexis elements
  • Templates and frameworks for GRC questionnaires, customisable for specific departments, individuals and business units
  • Automated reporting and progress visibility – track the progress of any GRC activities
  • Notify specific stakeholders around their GRC duties, related to specific legislative information
  • Enable self-reporting and automated information gathering
  • Delegate parts of questionnaires to different stakeholders
  • Easy evidence gathering, including photos and other assets
  • Simple and straightforward oversight, including rejections and followup
  • Easily generate nuanced and ad-hoc compliance scores for different compliance areas, including divisional scores
  • Straightforward gap analysis and overlap identification to find shortfalls and create efficiencies
  • Advanced reporting and dashboard features
  • Access to Riskonnect’s Unified Compliance Framework community to see GRC best practices and innovations across the world

Designed, implemented and supported by thryve, our Riskonnect solutions integrated with LexisNexis gives every organisation contextual and relevant GRC control right at their fingertips. Get the legal facts when you need them, in their original form or plain English. Send out questionnaires and automate evidence gathering tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s to meet external compliance or internal policies. Segment and focus compliance information gathering and progress down to business units, departments and even individuals. Find overlaps, identify bottlenecks and consistently know where your compliance scores sit.

Meeting compliance doesn’t have to take a lot of time and resources anymore. By combining Riskonnect, LexisNexis and thryve’s expertise in providing business technology solutions, you will always know what is happening in your GRC environment and where to focus your attention on the best results.