Riskonnect to Acquire Marsh ClearSight

Risk management is a complicated occupation, so when you find tools that aid you in that process, the last thing you want to hear is that those may be under threat. This was almost certainly a thought that entered the minds of thousands of risk practitioners when they heard that Marsh ClearSight is to be acquired by Riskonnect.

At face value, the two companies seem to deliver the same service. Will Marsh ClearSight customers will be shoehorned into a Riskonnect mould? But both assertions are very wrong. If anything, the acquisition of Marsh ClearSight by Riskonnect is one of the best things to happen to your risk management activities.

Foremost, nothing is changing on either side – not in any way to disadvantage the other. Marsh ClearSight customers will continue to use the platform as always, and this will not change. Riskonnect is not acquiring Marsh’s Clearsight software unit to cannibalise or hamstring it. Quite the opposite: Riskonnect sees a great future in ClearSight and will invest in its growth.

But the real game changer is that customers from both companies will now be able to access end-to-end risk management services. When combined, customers will have access to a leading network of industry expertise to better serve their needs, share best practices, and partner together to make their jobs easier, faster, and more effective.

Marsh ClearSight customers will have access to Riskonnect’s market-leading risk management capabilities, including Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Riskonnect customer can look forward to engaging with Marsh ClearSight’s self-insured captives, TPAs, brokers, and pools, as well as industry-pioneering Risk Management Information Services (RMIS) technology and innovative data management and analytical benchmarking assets.

In short, a single provider will now deliver end-to-end value to the risk management industry. If you are a Marsh ClearSight user and want to learn more about Riskonnect or if you are curious what this means for you as a Riskonnect customer, contact thryve today.