October’s top Salesforce, Riskonnect, Tableau and other blogs


It’s time to kill the open office. It’s also time to gain some data literacy – for free! And while we’re on the topic, the time is ripe to introduce integrated risk management practices, and also tweak how sales work in a world where phone calls are replacing in-person interactions.

Our monthly selection of blogs from thryve’s partners Salesforce, Riskonnect and Tableau explore these topics in more depth. So grab a cup of coffee, hit one of the links below, and find out what steps you can take to create more prospects and a better tomorrow:

Gain data literacy for free with Tableau

Data literacy is becoming an increasingly important and sought-after skill. To help you cut through all that noise, and still learn this valuable capability while meeting your busy schedule, Tableau has created a free data literacy course that you can take in your own time. This course is an ideal primer for anyone needing to expand their knowledge on what modern data is and how to make sense of it. Click the link to find out more about the following:

  • Introduction to Data Literacy
  • Recognising Well-Structured Data
  • Exploring Variables and Field Types
  • Exploring Aggregation and Granularity
  • Understanding Distributions
  • Understanding Variation for Wise Comparisons
  • Using Correlation and Regression to Examine Relationships

Sales are not dead, but it’s changed

The lockdowns and social distancing to help curtail the pandemic have not been kind to salespeople. Almost overnight, salespeople had to jump onto phones and emails, foregoing the proven effectiveness of physical meetings and personal relationships. But all is not lost: Salesforce’s new State of Sales report explores several trends leading to modern sales, including the heightened need for flexibility as well as the rise of artificial intelligence to help salespeople.

Making risk management visible and strategic

Risk management enjoys a much higher profile today as its practices become very relevant for trying times. There has never been a better time to introduce integrated risk management, the risk practice philosophy that blends technology and data to create real-time and strategic risk information. But what are the goals you should be aiming towards? Riskonnect explores those themes in a new blog:

  • Gain one view of risk exposure.
  • Correlate risk relationships across the enterprise.
  • Create a risk-aware culture – free of siloes.
  • Convert data into action.

Visit the link to learn more about each step, and help bring risk management out of the ‘seen, not heard’ corner.

What will replace the open office?

Not many people are mourning the demise of open offices, certainly not organisational psychologist, Professor Adam Grant. His career focuses a lot on what really makes workplaces tick, and he sees the open office as a bad place where people can’t focus and, ironically, collaborate less. As businesses replace open offices to cope with the lockdowns, what are the considerations they should make when refocusing their workplace cultures? Grant has a few suggestions, explored in a new Salesforce blog:

  • Kill the open office
  • Don’t hire selfish people
  • Don’t scare your employees into silence
  • If you can find an alternative to layoffs, take it
  • Kill brainstorming as we know it