May’s top Salesforce, Riskonnect and Tableau blogs

Every month, we round up blogs from some of the companies thryve leverages to build our business solutions. In May, there is a lot of emerging advice on navigating the COVID-19 crisis. These include keeping a culture going with work-from-home employees, survival tips from entrepreneurs, and how visualisation software makes social distancing easy to quantify.

 How can you maintain business culture in a work-from-home world?

They say that couples who play together stay together. So what happens to companies when their people are no longer together, but instead working at home? How do you maintain a stable, coherent ship when everyone’s on their own island? It’s an important thought because the current situation is not temporary. Employees working on their own are going to become part of the new normal. Riskonnect mulls this question in a new blog, and lays out five points to help maintain a strong culture.

 Business survival tips from entrepreneurs

It’s not easy to change in the first place, so the pressure to change during uncertain times is driving business decision-makers over the edge. But there is a business community who are used to rolling with the punches and turning as the situation demands it: entrepreneurs. Salesforce collaborated with Amy Wilkinson, a business leader, academic and author who has interviewed and researched thousands of entrepreneurs. She recommends six key things to help the rest of us pivot and adapt during the COVID crisis.

 Visualising social distancing’s impact

Does social distancing work, and if so, how much distance is needed? Visualisation platform Tableau recently looked at this question, compiling three different visualisation simulations to demonstrate the impact of social distancing. Other than being interesting, these examples also show how visualisation can represent data for current and useful decision-making.

 How are other companies handling COVID-19’s pressure

A significant difference between the COVID-19 pandemic and other types of crisis is how absolutely everyone is impacted. From large to small companies, all across the globe, everyone is feeling the crushing boot heel of the outbreak and responding lockdowns. But that also means there are plenty of examples to consider when planning your next business move. Salesforce interviewed Geoffrey Moore, the best-selling author of “Chasing the Chasm”, on some of these insights. He has a wealth of info – including, surprisingly, staying at home if you have a really bad day! How does that work? Read on…