March’s top Salesforce, Riskonnect, Tableau and other blogs



March’s top Salesforce, Riskonnect, Tableau and other blogs


How can your obituary help you be successful? Are you busy building an antifragile business? Why should Enterprise Risk Management be a top priority? And how can you track variance and uncertainty using modern data analytics services?

Our monthly selection of blogs from thryve partners – including Salesforce, Riskonnect and Tableau – and other interesting articles we read in March tackle these questions.

The key to success? Write your obituary

“I know my why. I get very, very deep into my why. On the first of the year — I do it every year — I write my obituary, and I write two versions. I write one as a person that loved me. And I write the other as a person who felt I could have done more in the world, and that I let them down. I write those obituaries and reflect on how I can be the person that really delivered.”

This advice comes from Daymond John, founder and CEO of the $6 billion FUBU fashion empire. He offers much more in this informative interview with Salesforce: always learn more about your industry, and create a set of goals that you review every day. These, in John’s words, create a north star for his career to follow.

Creating an Antifragile Business

We’ve realised that our world and its institutions are actually very fragile and rely heavily on symbiosis. This Riskonnect blog explores how enterprise risk management (ERM) creates antifragile businesses, explaining that “successful, enduring businesses capture value from exposure to the stressors of the marketplace. The best businesses, like organisms, get stronger as they overcome hardships and engage in competition.”

Why is ERM important?

The argument that we should proactively use more integrated risk management is not a new concept. But it has taken the better part of twenty years and a few global disasters to bring the message closer to home. If you are still on the fence about ERM, read this excellent summary from CIO Review, then follow the second link to Nu Property Casualty’s explanation on how technology powers ERM.

Use analytics to track variance and uncertainty

Companies want to know much more about volatility these days, but it’s increasingly tricky to answer in such a complex world. Visualisation software can look at your data more closely and inform you on gaps, potential scenarios, and other details that traditional reporting would gloss over. And it’s not difficult to create such information views in Tableau, which this blog explains in detail.