June’s top Salesforce, Riskonnect and Tableau blogs


Every month, we select blogs from some of the companies that feature in thryve’s business solutions. June continues the focus on COVID-19 and recovering from its impact on the economy. This month, our choice of blogs look at what options grocery retailers have through digital systems, the pandemic’s impact on insurance businesses and what they can do to adapt, and the key role data leaders can play to accelerate your recovery.

How grocery retailers can grow their business in a COVID-19 world
The arrival of the pandemic has also brought a major shift in consumer habits. Few places reflect this more than grocers. In the US, online sales of groceries have lept from 5% of transactions to over 30%. It’s clear that grocery retailers need to modernise, but how? This blog from Salesforce looks at the topic.


Planning for change in the insurance market
Shifting liabilities and a very unclear view of the future have brought the operations of many insurers into doubt. Their approaches need to be scrutinised if they hope to survive, a topic this blog delves into. Some of the advice: identify the current impacts on the business, and streamline inbound requests to generate more good faith with customers.


Using data leaders to pursue recovery and growth
Information in a business is crucial, and data is nothing more than a higher calibre of business information that can impact every aspect of your operations, strategy and frontline. It thus makes sense why data leaders are important to your business recovery and growth, as this Tableau and Forbes co-blog explains.


COVID-19’s impact on lines of coverage
At thryve, we put a lot of focus on improving insurance-related systems, whether it’s for the industry or the risk professionals leveraging insurance to reduce their liabilities. And both sides have been pondering how COVID-19 is impacting their main lines of coverage. Riskonnect also wanted to know, so it compiled the latest claims data from the US. The results are not unexpected: most claims areas are down, but worker’s compensation is starting to rise.