February’s top Salesforce and Riskonnect blogs


thryve’s partners Salesforce and Riskonnect always have something interesting to say, so we often browse their latest blogs to keep up in trends and thought leader opinions. But you don’t have to. We selected our best reads of the month, covering artificial intelligence, 2020’s most pertinent risk compliance questions, an interview with Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri, and a timely warning about black chickens…

Forget black swans. Black chickens are more dangerous.

A Black Swan event, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s groundbreaking book, is a cataclysmic unpredictable event that appears obvious after the fact. But black chickens are many small adverse events and decisions that culminate to a major problem. This witty column demonstrates that by comparing the short-lived reign of the British king Richard II to the collapse of the energy giant Enron.


Is your data AI-ready?

Artificial intelligence needs data. Whether you are trying to solve quantum problems or want to crunch your sales trends through Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform, your data needs to be ready for the task, or you will get useless results. This blog from Salesforce focuses on narrow-AI, which is AI focused on a specific task. By answering three questions, you can determine if your data is ready for your AI plans.


Five risk compliance questions to ask in 2020

Risk management and compliance have been revolutionised by integrated risk management systems such as those implemented and supported by thryve. But you still need to ask the right questions. This blog from Riskonnect looks at five questions most relevant for the year, from climate change to how much data is enough.


A chat with Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri

High-fashion brands are struggling to adapt to a modern world with new consumer sentiments. But not Gucci – it has grown its revenue hand-over-fist in the past few years, driven by a new design vision. That vision was championed by Marco Bizzarri when he became Gucci’s CEO in 2015. In this captivating interview with Salesforce, Bizzarri talks about navigating an established company through current turbulence and building an enterprise where values are as important as profits.