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Due to the blows from the pandemic and lockdowns, companies are now looking more closely at their preparedness. But as a new Salesforce survey reveals, many fall short. Then there are the negative events that happen regardless of pandemics, such as the data breach suffered by Experian.

Getting ahead of the curve means being better informed and making decisions faster. How can you make more confident decisions during a crisis, and how can you improve your data storytelling to get to answers faster? These are the topics in our monthly roundup of blogs from thryve’s partners:

Making confident decisions during a crisis

The big challenge with an evolving situation is that opportunities to act are often fleeting, and procrastination is as risky as not deciding at all. Yet there is also the risk of making uninformed choices that could end up with you chasing after adverse outcomes instead of keeping control over matters.

Modern analytics is the answer to avoiding knee-jerk reactions or analysis paralysis. In this blog, Rickonnect looks at six steps to take and get your analytics working for you.

Most businesses still feel unprepared after lockdowns lift

The COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone into a world of uncertainty. Some of that plight was met with an optimism that – once lockdowns lifted – normal operations could resume to a reasonable degree. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Salesforce conducted a survey among Canadian businesses. It found that between a fifth and a quarter didn’t know how to adapt to the challenges of reopening, or didn’t have the relevant technology in place to do so. Nearly half of them faced health and safety issues. Many more businesses around the world have these problems. You know what we’re going to say: time to invest in a governance, risk & compliance (GRC) platform!

Fight cybercrime with integrated risk management

You likely have heard of the massive data breach at Experian. Most incredibly, this breach had nothing to do with technology. The criminals used one of the oldest hacker tricks – social engineering – to con staff into hand over valuable data.

Rebuffing attempts by online criminals needs more than technology. It requires a company culture that is aware and proactive around such risks. Risk managers, armed with the best GRC platform, can help nip criminal opportunities before they become a problem. Riskonnect delves into this specific topic and why risk managers should get involved to safeguard their organisations.

Getting data storytelling right

Data is just information, and information is all about context. If you don’t need to know the price of apples in Paraguay, then that information is pretty useless to you. Yet many business leaders still confuse the concepts and think that pursuing data is enough to spin information into gold.

This interesting article from Tableau explored that fallacy and gives some great advice on how to approach data storytelling – both as a service and part of your business.