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First Notice of Loss (FNOL): We will show how Rachel (a policyholder or insured), can easily and quickly submit an motor insurance claim via mobile. This includes a few steps to determine which vehicle was involved, when the accident happened and what type of claim. Rachel then has the ability to upload a photo of her car for immediate estimation and motor claim adjudication using Einstein Vision.


We will show how Tim, a Customer Service Representative uses the claims call centre view of the claim (case) with the means to take a call from Rachel (a policyholder or insured) to see information about the status of the claim and Einstein Discovery predictions.




We will show how Craig (an Account Executive), can easily view his entire book of business, gain insights into key areas to focus, and work his leads to grow his business. .


Quoting and binding a new auto policy for a client: Craig Holman is an Account Executive with a book of business covering 100-200 individual clients. One of his clients, Rachel Adams, has come up on his dashboard for her annual review. We will show and insurance integration with respect to quoting and binding a new motor policy straight from the system.

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Master Customer Service with Salesforce for Insurance

Imagine easily and quickly submitting a motor insurance claim via your mobile device. This and so much more is available to insurance professionals using the latest mobile technology that Salesforce for Insurance provides. Watch the video above for a sneak peek at what’s possible (and reach out to our team of insurance experts at the African Insurance Exchange Conference (AIE 2019).

3 Steps to Retain and Grow Your Book of Business

Einstein Analytics for Insurance

As an Insurance Agent, making quick and intelligent decisions is key to gaining policyholder trust and building lasting relationships. Here are 3 easy steps to retain and grow your book of business. Let thryve’s insurance experts take you through advanced software using Salesforce Einstein Analytics (AI) for Insurance.

Insurance Success Story: Salesforce and Allstate

With Salesforce, insurance reps and agents exceed expectations with the tools to deliver more personalized communications across any device, collaborate in online social feeds, streamline service requests, track new opportunities, and more. They can also work smarter with a complete view of all service requests submitted through the web, social media channels, emails, and call centres. Prioritise inquiries based on urgency. Ensure the right person is on the case. And do it all on the Salesforce for Insurance platform supported in South Africa by thryve.