The new risk report from The Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) is their best yet. Part of that credit can go to the experience of releasing seven editions of what has become a definitive and internationally-recognised paper on South Africa. Creating an authentic local context was the genesis of IRMSA’s Risk Report, as IRMSA CRO Christopher Palm told thryve during an interview about the new edition.

But the 2021 report also stands out for the times we are in, where uncertainty and existential threats have taken their place alongside the more familiar problems we face. It’s full of exciting and important insights, most of which we’ll leave to you to discover.

Still, there is one section we want to give a closer look at: IRMSA’s Call To Actions chapter. These five Call to Actions can help risk managers make their companies more resilient and future-proof:

  • Integrating Strategy, Risk and Resilience
  • Adaptiveness and Agility
  • Beyond the Risk Register
  • Risk Culture and Maturity
  • Leveraging the Risk Professional

The five CTAs will help illuminate your thoughts on transforming risk management through your culture and technology. Download our free eBook.

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