Data Scorer

Use Data Scorer to manage any compliance or audit process..

Data Scorer is a complete audit and assessment management tool for creating questionnaires with weighted scoring and capturing of findings, recommendations and actions. All linked to standards, controls, regulations and acts if required.

Data Scorer Solutions

Hazard Profile Assessment Management

Professionally manage hazards andtheir associated risks that drive this profile.

Disaster and natural hazard governance has become a significant policy and legislative focus in South Africa since the early 1990s. Management of natural hazards and their associated risks and vulnerabilities drive this risk profile.

Property Risk Surveys Management

Effectively manage and maintain all property risk exposures and ensure your property is compliant with world leading technology.

Survey questions are designed to generate data about what businesses are doing to manage property risks as a component of their overall risk management efforts. We ensure your property is compliant, maintained and that all risk exposures are effectively managed.

Data Scorer partner

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