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Insurance Renewal Exposure Data Gathering

Renewal exposure is an important factor in projecting the strategy and roadmap of insurance underwriters and brokers. Yet it is also a time-consuming task that runs the risk of aggravating customers – an activity that requires focus but also fast resolution. Applying its deep pool of experience in the insurance sector, thryve developed its Insurance Renewal Exposure Data Gathering solution.

Reduce the time and effort you devote to gathering and managing renewal data with this innovative tool. It simplifies processes and improves data quality, streamlining the insurance renewal process by reducing the time and effort spent on gathering and managing renewal data.

Insurance Administration

Insurance administration is a broad-based discipline where nuance and context count if you want the correct results. With such bespoke requirements, it is challenging to find tools that complement them and often even the most sophisticated organisations still resort to spreadsheet and paper calculations that are woefully under equipped to perform in today’s fast-paced world.

thryve has used its experience with the insurance sector to build our Insurance Administration solution. Using the powerful Salesforce platform, we can customise and deploy a service that fits your administration needs perfectly. Expect a highly configurable policy and claim management and administration system covering any insurance class from incident capture, financial reserve management within limits and deductibles to final settlement. Built-in drag-and-drop reporting and dashboard analytics makes this an intuitive tool for business managers regardless of their technology acumen.

Insurance Policy and Program Administration

Insurance policy and administration portfolios oversee the beating heart of any underwriter or brokerage. If you don’t know what is going on in this sensitive area, how much do you really know about your business? But to attain such a level of insight is very labour-intensive, burdened with many information channels, and requires rigorous systems to support it.

thryve aims to take the pain out of this crucial area through our Insurance Policy and Program Administration solution. We designed it to simplify and streamline your insurance portfolio and the entire value chain associated with it. The solution’s comprehensive tools support your growth, operational efficiencies and market demands, utilising the best in technology to boost visibility, automate processes and integrate the numerous data channels which inform your policy portfolios.

Insurance Claim Administration

The administrative demands around insurance claims can be a major process bottleneck and cause significant resource consumption. It is also a delicate touchpoint with customers, so a poor claim administration environment risks churn and losing market share.

thryve’s Insurance Claim Administration solution exists specifically to tackle this buron and change it into a vibrant engine for business success. Our solution improves the accuracy and processing productivity behind claims. It is scalable and can grow as the business demands, ensuring consistent and personalised service throughout the claims journey.

Insurance Certificate Management and Administration

The issuance of insurance certificate fulfils various requirements across numerous sectors and use cases. When contractual obligations are not met, it exposes involved parties to the risk of breach of contract as well as uninsured liabilities. Often these situations can be avoided if there is proper administration involved.

thryve’s Insurance Certificate Management and Administration solution offers tools to quickly and easily diagnose, track, action and resolve issues. It provides comprehensive reporting, yet is not time intensive or complex. Designed to save administrators time and energy, our solution keeps you on top of insurance certificate requirements for your customers’ and your own peace of mind.

Advanced Insurance Aggregate Erosion Tracking and Management

Success in the insurance world requires the careful management of resources to ensure liquidity and room to expand. This is a daunting requirement, in response to which thryve developed its Advanced Insurance Aggregate Erosion Tracking and Management solution.

Manage every aspect of your insurance program. When an event happens, verify its coverage across the many stakeholders. Keep track of coverage across an ecosystem of carriers, claims, policies and brokers. Our solution helps manage your policies, deliver better analysis and deeper insight– and ultimately reduce the total cost of risk.

Advanced Insurance Premium Allocation Management

Risk is best dealt with when spread around, thus limiting exposure. This also applies to the costs associated with mitigating risks, in this case specifically the premiums paid towards insurance policies. Allocating premiums among multiple parties makes sense, especially for complex assets, but it is also a minefield of satisfaction shortfalls. Is it possible to please all parties when allocating premiums?

The answer is yes – if you deploy thryve’s Advanced Insurance Premium Allocation Management solution. A robust, flexible allocation system, it provides a crystal clear audit trail and improved efficiency. Allocate insurance premiums, fees and other charges among participants in an equitable manner, with increased control over charges, consistency over time and improved efficiency.

Insurance Claim Settlement Bordereau Management

Advanced bordereau systems to manage, verify or analyze data in a meaningful way for your business.

Advanced bordereau systems to manage, verify or analyze data in a meaningful way to secure a competitive advantage and profitable growth for your business. Do away with outdated systems that require great effort to standardise imported data from various formats, or complex data where underlying risks can not be easily identified.

Marine Certificate Management

The issuance of marine certificates is a crucial cog in global shipping, yet it remains a painfully laborious paper-based process, full of opportunity for mistakes and unsavoury activities. Leveraging our deep knowledge of this sector, thryve developed our Marine Certificate Management solution that removes paper from the value chain without disrupting the processes your staff rely on.

Our solution removes the requirement of issuing and distributing paper-based certificates, replacing them with digital copies that are managed from a central platform. Easy to deploy, complimentary to staff processes and with no risk of upsetting other business systems, our Marine Certificate Management solution revolutionises this niche sector without fuss or drawbacks.

Insurance Focused Customer Relationship Management

Insurance is all about relationships and insurance companies rise and fall on their ability to manage those. Yet most customer relationship management (CRM) systems do not take these nuances into consideration. thryve offers a specialised CRM suite for insurance professionals to manage the complex demands of personalised service.

Manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns. Provide post-sale service and more with this suite of tailored tools that will appeal to anyone from global underwriters to one-person brokerages. Access all the sales and customer service tools needed to acquire and maintain an intimate knowledge of customers and their history.

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