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Insuretech 2017: 3 trends to watch in Insurance

By Riaan Bekker This is a very exciting time to be in the insurance industry. Very exciting… and unnerving. So many technology concepts are swirling around that it is hard to select the right digital strategy.   The 7th Insurance Distribution & Insuretech Conference, held... 3

Risk in the cloud

Want your risk management to become a business driver? Start with the cloud.   By James Francis, first published on ITWeb.   Imagine you are travelling down a road in your car. You need to reach your destination by a certain time, but the storm…


How risk can create the 360 degree company view

By James Francis, first published on ITWeb.   It’s often said that companies today are dying at a startling rate. This is true: according to an analysis of 70 years of company data, the Boston Consulting Group found that today’s average listed US company only…